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The chip shortage has caused the global auto production to cut by 1.157 million vehicles!

On March 30, according to the latest statistics from AutoForecast Solutions, as of March 29, 2021, a total of six automakers around the world have added more than 65,000 cars whose production has been reduced due to chip shortages. So far, the shortage of chips has caused a cumulative reduction of 1.157 million vehicles in the global automotive market. It is expected that in 2021, the global auto market will reduce production by more than 2 million vehicles.

Starting from the end of 2020, global automakers have successively announced production cuts due to chip production capacity. Major automakers including Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen have all announced production cuts. On March 26 this year, NIO announced that it would suspend production for 5 working days due to chip shortages.

In recent days, Tesla has successively increased the price of Model Y in the Chinese market and Model 3 in the US market. This move is considered by the industry to be a shortage of chips that has led to an increase in production costs.

The global automotive chip production capacity is insufficient. One of the reasons is that the global epidemic in 2020 has led to poor automobile production and sales. Chip factories gave up part of the original car chip production capacity to electronic equipment chips. Last year, electronic equipment, especially notebooks, flat panels, and TVs The demand has increased dramatically. When the auto industry began to resume production, auto chips failed to keep up with the pace in the first time, leading to a shortage of chips in many auto companies.

In the context of the surge in global chip demand, chip foundries have made the most money. Chip foundries such as TSMC and Samsung have made quite good profits last year.

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