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The EU approved a plan to support the EU semiconductor industry

The plan proposed by the European Commission to support the semiconductor industry of the European Union has been approved by representatives of EU countries,  Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The initiative is designed to reduce the EU's dependence on US and Asian chip makers. The plan provides for the allocation of 45 billion euros (2.8 trillion rubles) for the production of chips to European companies.

Decided to provide government subsidies to a wider range of players, not just advanced chip manufacturers. Support will be received, in particular, by those who produce microcircuits necessary for the rational use of energy, environmental protection and artificial intelligence technologies.

Recall that initially the plan of the European Commission implied the allocation of 43 billion euros for the development of the semiconductor industry. The proposed measures should help the EU to bring its share of the global semiconductor market to 20% by 2030. Now this figure for Europe is estimated at about 8-9%, in the 90s of the last century it reached 35%.

EU semiconductor industry

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