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Intel explained where it will take many billions of dollars to build a new plant in the US

Intel plans to build new factories in the US, like a number of other semiconductor giants. However, such projects require huge costs.

Intel said the Arizona factory would cost $30 billion to build, but the company would not finance the entire project itself.

Back in August, Intel entered into an agreement with the Canadian company Brookfield Asset Management, which together will finance the construction of the plant. Those same 30 billion dollars in this case will be divided almost equally. Intel said that a similar approach will be applied in future projects. Such a decision, along with subsidies, will allow reaching the same level of costs as in the case of building a factory in Asia.

Intel said that the market already feels a high level of interest in such projects, so the company will have the opportunity to attract both old and new partners in the future. The company also notes that Europe is also going to pass laws that will allow companies to receive subsidies and build new factories in this region.

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