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Roscosmos began work on satellite communication devices for the Sphere project

The press service of the state corporation "Roscosmos" stated that the company "Information Satellite Systems" named after Academician M.F. Reshetneva began to create a space complex for the Express-RV satellite communications system, which is part of the federal project Sphere. The Express-RV space complex will include four spacecraft of the same name in a highly elliptical orbit, designed to organize fixed and mobile communication services. The developers promise a 10-year period of active existence of these satellites.

The orbital constellation of the Express-RV system will ensure the provision of communication services, including broadband Internet access, throughout Russia and the Arctic Ocean. The launch of the first Express-RV spacecraft is planned for October 2025, and the deployment of the full orbital constellation is scheduled for 2026.

Recall that the federal project "Sphere" includes five satellite constellations of communications and five satellite constellations of remote sensing of the Earth, and in total within the framework of this project 162 satellites will be allocated into orbit (initially it was planned about 400). Skif-D, the first experimental apparatus of the Sphere project, was sent into low Earth orbit at the end of October this year and is already undergoing flight tests.

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