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Simplified import of electronics to Russia extended until the end of 2023

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree according to which the simplified import of electronics to Russia is extended until the end of 2023 in order to avoid a shortage of goods "against the background of external sanctions pressure," the government website said in a statement.

The simplified procedure for importing electronics describes obtaining a notification, a document that is required for the import of devices that support encryption functions, including smartphones, laptops, chips and other devices. Under normal conditions, it is issued by the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the FSB of Russia, and under a simplified procedure, it can be issued by industry associations. When it comes to the supply of components for backbone Russian enterprises, the customs authorities cannot require notification.

Another measure aimed at addressing the issue of electronics shortages is parallel imports - goods can be imported into the country without the permission of manufacturers and copyright holders. More than $20 billion worth of goods have been imported into Russia through this mechanism, Vladimir Bulavin, head of the Federal Customs Service, said in mid-December. The total mass of these products amounted to 2.4 million tons, including cars, machine tools, other equipment, production lines and light industry goods, the official said.

Simplified import of electronics

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