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Mikron will release an experimental batch of chips with RISC-V architecture in early 2023

It became known that the Russian company Mikron is planning to pilot production at the beginning of next year of a batch of microchips of the MIK 32 class Amur, built on the RISC-V architecture, which are very widely used in various IoT devices.

Then, after thorough testing of the obtained chips, Mikron will start their mass production, and by 2025 the company plans to occupy about 30% of the Russian market for similar controllers, after which the issue of supplying these products to the regions of Southeast Asia will be considered.

As Mikron clarified, a batch of chips recently released as an experiment has successfully passed testing, and in the future, the line of manufactured microcontrollers that are in high demand in this market segment will be expanded.

At the same time, according to experts, Russian companies annually require about 200 million chips for various purposes. Until the spring of 2022, most of them were supplied to Russia by European manufacturers NXP, as well as STM, which were then replaced by numerous Chinese companies with cheap products. So, Mikron will obviously need government support.

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