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Qualcomm and Broadcom will lose billions because of Apple

Apple, according to Bloomberg, is going to finish work on its own cellular modem at the end of 2024 in order to use it in 2025.

Apple's transition to its own solution will seriously hit two companies at once. First, it's Qualcomm, the only modem supplier for the iPhone and iPad for a long time. 22% of the company's revenue is sales of components for Apple. At the same time, Qualcomm is well aware that their cooperation with the Cupertino giant will end sooner or later, so the company has already said that it will reduce its dependence on its partner.

The second to suffer is Broadcom, from which Apple purchases Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters. Broadcom receives 20% of its revenue from Apple sales. And here the bottom line is that Apple is working not only on a 5G modem, but also on a single chip that will include both a modem and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters. Apparently, this will be a separate chip, that is, the company will not integrate all this into the SoC Axx Bionic. True, the source says that the combination of components in a single crystal will be implemented in the next generation, that is, not in 2025.

Qualcomm and Broadcom will lose billions because of Apple

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