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Rostec told how the SSJ-NEW aircraft will be tested

Rostec told how the SSJ-NEW aircraft will be tested. The second airframe of the imported SSJ-NEW aircraft, made specifically for testing, was delivered to Novosibirsk. The first airframe was delivered in July last year.

Tests of the SSJ-NEW airframe will be performed at SibNIA to confirm the static strength and determine the conditions for safe operation, as required by the Aviation Regulations.

Tests must be carried out due to structural changes in the wing and fuselage, a new chassis design and the installation of a domestic PD-8 engine. Rostec reports that there are more than 40 new Russian systems and units on the plane.

During the first stage, the wing, fuselage, landing gear attachment points, as well as the pylon and attachment points of the PD-8 engine will be tested for various types of load. This phase is scheduled to be completed this fall. It is planned to obtain relevant approvals from the Federal Air Transport Agency for major design changes by the end of 2023.

In total, three experienced SSJ-NEWs were trained, including one aircraft equipped with Russian systems and SaM-146 engines. It is ready for 89%, as previously reported.

The second board was taken from the existing fleet of aircraft with imported systems. It will be equipped with PD-8 engines, which should be delivered soon. This aircraft will not only participate in the flight test program, but will also allow us to work out approaches to the remotorization of the existing SSJ-100 fleet.

The third prototype for flight testing will be equipped with completely Russian systems and units, including PD-8 engines.


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