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Telecom operators began to provide foreign equipment for rent

Rostelecom began to provide corporate customers with a service for leasing equipment, including servers, computers, software, with the possibility of subsequent redemption, MTS is also preparing to launch such services,  writes  Kommersant.

Rostelecom told the publication that they already offer a “service model”, when a turnkey operator and at its own expense creates an IT infrastructure for the customer (including corporate networks, etc.) and receives payment for the provision of services:

MTS told the publication that the service will be focused on large federal and regional businesses, as well as government agencies. The company clarified that we are talking about new domestic and foreign equipment, subject to "fulfillment of warranty conditions by the vendor and uninterrupted supplies to the Russian Federation." Among the equipment offered by MTS are servers, data storage systems (DSS), computers, telephones, software, and other telecom equipment, including, for example, communication systems based on wireless broadband access.

Since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, most foreign manufacturers of computer technology and telecom equipment have stopped deliveries to Russia. The government later legalized parallel imports in the country.


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