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The Netherlands will not automatically comply with US sanctions on the supply of equipment for the production of chips to China

Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher said the country is unwilling to blindly follow US sanctions to limit the supply of chip-making equipment to China, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

Recall that the leading manufacturer of lithographic equipment, ASML, is located in the Netherlands, on which the production of chips at leading factories, including TSMC, depends.

The Dutch government, under pressure from the administration of then US President Donald Trump, banned ASML from 2019 from supplying the most advanced equipment to China. However, ASML sells previous generation equipment to the PRC. Beijing bought it in 2021 for two billion euros. If ASML joins the new Washington sanctions imposed in October 2022, it risks losing about 5% of its revenue.

As  voanews.com reported  on Tuesday, even the US president failed to change the country's position on this issue during a personal meeting with the prime minister of the Netherlands.

Later, commenting on the meeting between the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (Karine Jean-Pierre) said:

We do not put pressure on any of our allies or partners, we consult closely with them, and they make their own decisions.

Recall, in this regard, that in 2021, the head of the US Department of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, directly threatened chip manufacturers from US-friendly countries with measures of influence in case of refusal to cooperate with the United States.

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