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XPeng Aero HT X2

The XPeng Aero HT X2 flying car is the first such vehicle in China to receive a pilot-assisted flight permit.

An electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flying car has been in development for a long time and the company has over 3,000 test flights to date. True, it is worth noting here that the manufacturer himself calls the X2 a flying car, although, as you can see, it does not have any wheels. But the X3 model being developed by the company will be able to fly and drive.

The license obtained by the company allows it to test a wider range, but still with many conditions. At the same time, the release of a serial product is planned for next year at a price of about $148,000.

The current version of the X2 weighs around 560kg and is capable of carrying up to 200kg. The flight altitude is limited to 1000 m, the maximum speed reaches 130 km / h, and the power reserve is 35 minutes.

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