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KamAZ began production of sanctions-resistant trucks of the K5 generation

The KamAZ plant has begun production of sanctions-resistant K5 generation trucks, planning to produce 272 KamAZ-54901 trucks in February. Of these, more than 70 will be assembled using components localized in Russia and friendly countries.

By the end of the first quarter, the plant plans to reach the monthly output of about 500 of these vehicles. As stated by the executive director of the concern, Yuri Gerasimov, due to the fact that KamAZ-54901 tractors have undergone significant modernization and become more technologically advanced, a certain reconfiguration of the conveyor and logistics is required.

At the moment, production is being debugged for a new model. Our task is to first reach the rate of 18 K5 trucks per day, and then increase it to the planned indicators of the business plan. The task is complicated by the fact that the conveyors of the automobile plant are loaded with the production of equipment of other generations, which is also in high demand. It is very important to synchronize these processes. — Yuri Gerasimov.

KamAZ actively worked on the modernization of its facilities and the development of new technologies. As part of preparations for the production of new generation K5 trucks, all production sites of the concern were significantly modernized.

KamAZ, along with other Russian industrial enterprises, withstood the blow of anti-Russian sanctions with dignity and continues to strengthen the technological sovereignty of the country. - KAMAZ.

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