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Russia is creating an augmented reality complex for working in open space

According to Alexander Mikhailenko, executive director of the Laser Systems research and production organization, Russian scientists are now developing a hardware system for information support of astronauts' space walks. The system will make it possible to display reference information necessary for astronauts to work directly on the skin of the International Space Station (ISS).

According to Mikhailenko, these information support tools will include elements of augmented reality. The idea is that the cosmonaut during a spacewalk would receive information support not only via communication, but also in the form of reference information displayed on the ISS skin. Mikhailenko spoke about this at the National Civil Aviation Infrastructure Exhibition (NAIS) 2023.

The head of "Laser Systems" recalled that spacewalks are hard physical work and after 3-4 hours of being there, attention becomes dull, a person gets tired physically. There are cases when, in the course of extravehicular activity, astronauts lost their orientation in space and ceased to understand in which part of the ISS they were located. In this case, as Mikhailenko summed up, the hardware complex currently being developed can help - it is aimed at facilitating the work of astronauts.

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