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Alphabet lost $100+ billion after the unsuccessful presentation of the Bard AI bot

The market value of Google's parent company, Alphabet, is down more than $100 billion after Google's failed launch of the Bard AI bot, which aims to compete with Microsoft's ChatGPT chat bot, Bloomberg reported  Thursday.

On Monday,  The Verge wrote  , during a presentation by Bard on an inquiry about what discoveries have been made with the James Webb Space Telescope, he cited, among other things, the first images of planets outside the solar system. Internet users called this a factual error, pointing out that similar images were taken, according to  NASA  , by another telescope.

Investors questioned Google's ability to develop a decent AI bot, and Alphabet lost 7.7%.

Earlier, we recall, Microsoft introduced its updated Bing search engine and Edge Internet browser, both products now use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Chinese Baidu, as well as Alibaba  , have plans to develop and present their analogue of ChatGPT.

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